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Credit Card | Debt Settlement

Cut My Credit Card is a professional Debt Settlement firm that has helped thousands of American's take back control of their finances by becoming debt free within months of enrolling in our service. Our Licensed Attorneys will negotiate your debt and offer the lowest settlement amount available.

For the first time in history, Cut My Credit Card Members can literally make their minimum payments and pay off their debt within 24 - 36 months of enrollment. When you qualify for our program you can start paying your new minimum payments right away, which are typically less than half of what your existing minimum payments cost each month.

    If you answer yes to all of these, fill out the form!

  • Do all of your credit card balances add up to more than $10,000.00?
  • Are you are behind on your payments for the past few months?
  • Are you experiencing financial hardship and unable to pay debt unless your debt burden is reduced?
  • Fill out our contact form and we'll be in contact with you shortly to get you qualified for credit card settlement.

When you enter into our program, our debt negotiators will get you back on the path of financial freedom. We help you settle all major unsecured debts including: credit card bills, store card bills, utility bills, payday loans, personal loans, and rent defaults.

Test credit card numbers – are they necessary?

There is no doubt about the fact that internet has brought about great ease into the life of a modern day man, but to be on the safer side with any transactions on the internet, it is important that one makes use of the test credit card numbers . In the recent times, following the unwanted fraud on the internet by some unethical merchants, people have resorted to the use other methods. Most companies too make available to their customers the test credit card numbers which can be tried out to check the authenticity of the company with which one deals. Find more interested information on high risk merchant account providers .

If one searches the interne for test credit card numbers, he is sure to find a list of sites that provide him with the required numbers. However, one has to be sure that the site he chooses for this purpose is authentic and has been in business for a long period of time. Checking the feedbacks of the customers of the site is a must to make sure that he does not make use of wrong test credit card numbers which results in errors being shown in the online transactions of his.